My Top 5 Actors


Here is a list of my top 5 actors. Do you agree? Did your favourites make the cut? read on to find out.

1 – Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is in my opinion one of the best actors of all time, he has the ability to turn any Tom-Hankscharacter he plays into a likeable character. From his early roles in films such as Big, Splash and Joe versus the Volcano he will always bring out the best of the character and improve the film he is in. He earns his place as my number one due to his versatility and difference in roles, he can go from playing a WWII army captain (Saving Private Ryan), a toy cowboy (Toy Story) and then a middle-aged college student (Larry Crowne). It is also his presence in 3 of my top 5 films that cements his place solidly at the top of my favourite actors.

Favourite film of his: Saving Private Ryan

Least Favourite: Polar Express

2 – Leonardo DiCaprio

How this man does not have an oscar is simply beyond me, similar to Hanks he also has a leo_dicaprioversatility of roles ranging from a millionaire playboy (Great Gatsby), a poor jack of all trades (Titanic), and a master con artist (Catch me if you can). DiCaprio has an on screen charisma which is the reason he has so many fans. It has come to the point where there are online groups and petitions in order for him to receive an oscar.

Favourite film of his: Catch Me if You Can (yet another film with Tom Hanks)

Least favourite: Romeo + Juliet 

3 – Brad PittSHOWBIZ Insider 094841

Brad Pitt is what I would consider to be the first action star on my list, with performances in films such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, World War Z and Fight Club. However he can also portray much more meaningful characters such as his performance in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and also The Tree of Life. He is another actor loved by fans world wide leading him to be number 3 in my list.

Favourite film of his: Inglorious Basterds/Fight Club (I cannot choose between the two)

Least Favourite: Troy (what a disaster of a film)

4 – Johnny Depp

I literally cannot think of any actor more versatile than Johnny Depp, he has appeared as Johnny-Depp-2009-1935912what seems to be every character imaginable. His roles vary from pirate to FBI agent to a barber and even a a mad hatter. He maintains a special relationship with Tim Burton and is basically the lead role in any film he directs. He brings a flair to every role and makes each one unique yet leaves his imprint. I find it hard to believe that anyone would be able to remake any of his films without at least nodding to his performance in it, just like 21 Jump Street.

Favourite film of his: Public Enemies

Least favourite: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

5 – Zach Braff

This is probably a surprise entry for many as he is much more of a tv star than an actor in Zach_Braff_2011_Shankbonefilms. However his roles in The High Cost of Living, Garden State and The Last Kiss easily earn him a place in my top 5. He has suprised me with his talent after watching his quirky character J.D on Scrubs. There is no hint of his funny character in his films, instead focusing on much harder roles in gritty or realistic independant films. Due to the success of Scrubs Braff does not have to take jobs in order to earn a paycheck but can instead pick and choose his projects based on quality.

Favourite film of his: The High Cost of Living

Least favourite: The Ex

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3 Responses to My Top 5 Actors

  1. Cool list. Personally, I couldnt put Tom Hanks on my list; he just doesnt have enough edge for me. I do like the DiCaprio selection at 2, however


    • JordanT says:

      Tom Hanks just has something about him that I find very likeable, It also helps that most of his films I happen to like. To be honest it was a hard choice over who to put first out of DiCaprio and Hanks but Hanks just edged him due to being in most of my favourite films


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