Scary Movie 5


Whilst living in Univeristy halls for a second year I often find myself with less free time than I am used to. So recently I decided I would make more time for watching films which led to me and two of my flatmates sitting down and watching Scary Movie 5. Our choice of film was solely based on the fact we couldn’t decide what to watch and Scary Movie 5 was top of the page on Sky Go (my best friend at Uni).

Personally I have always been a fan of the Scary Movie films and their brand of slapstick comedy coupled with tongue-in-cheek crude humour. The movies appeal to my maturity levels, I find it hard to suppress a giggle whenever a sexual innuendo is brought to the attention of the viewer. The scissoring scene from Scary Movie 5 comes to mind as just one of countless examples.

The Scary Movie franchise had reached a point of stagnation for many, with Scary Movie 4 only receiving a rating of 5.1/10 on IMDB. Scary Movie 5 received an even worse reception from the IMDB raters achieving a measley rating of 3.5/10. A rating which I think is ridiculously critical of a film which never tries to reach the heights of film stardom, knowing full well that it is a comedic spoof film. A lot of this is probably due to audiences coming to watch this film with preconceptions regarding the state of the series and comparing it to pure comedy films to that of The Hangover. This is a mistake on their part as their prejudice causes them to miss what is actually a good comedy provided you are still in touch with your immature side (as I most definitely am).

The premise for the latest outing is based on Paranormal Activity, the protagonists Dan and Jody (Simon Rex and Ashley Tisdale) experience bizarre activity in their home after the introduction of their lost nieces and nephew into their lives. The family battle to rid themselves of the nefarious demon Mama whilst journeying through various movie spoofs ranging from Black Swan to planet of the Apes to The day the Earth stood still.

The leading lady Ashely Tisdale appeals to a male audience for obvious reasons, although her appearance in a film such as this could amount to the assumption that her career may have hit a slump, she shines through and creates a likeable character that you can’t help but love. However the absence of the Wayans brothers does not go unnoticed, whilst good actors no-one in this film could deliver the slapstick and comedic elements as well as the Wayans brothers. The brothers chose instead of working on this project to create A Haunted House which proved to be a smart career move and earned itself a sequel due to its success

The film takes you on what is in essence a journey through some of the latest releases with a few suprise cameos, such as that of Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson and Usher. As such if a viewer looks at Scary Movie with the perception of it being an experience with some of your favourite stars whilst having a laugh along the way.

Whilst this film isn’t worthy of any accolades it is certainly worthy of a rating of at least 6/10. For me this film is a 7/10 but that is most definitely more to do with my immaturity than it is the film itself. As such for a general rating I believe it deserves a 6/10 as it is definitely better than Scary Movie 4 and climbs back to the heights of the original Scary Movie whilst quite not reaching it.

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2 Responses to Scary Movie 5

  1. Shane says:

    I own this movie and I laughed more than a few times. I was disappointed The Hunger Games spoof got cut and I wish this franchise would go back like first 2 w/ R rating an d spoofing TONS of stuff!


  2. JordanT says:

    I agree that a higher movie rating would have allowed this movie to be more open and would have improved it. more spoofs would also have made this film so much better. I have yet to watch the deleted scenes, however i often find the deleted scenes are funnier than those in the movie. Thanks for the view and for leaving your comment 🙂


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